Accelerated Momentum Mastermind Groups

Put Some Teeth into Your Personal Development Momentum

  • Get better results
  • Accelerate your momentum
  • Tap into the energy, ideas, and support from a group of like-minded achievers

“Achievers–whether in business, sports, or the arts–are committed to continual improvement.” Jack Canfield

David DeFord hosts bi-weekly mastermind calls in which participants collaborate on:

  • Goals
  • Projects
  • Challenges
  • Great books

We report on our progress, solicit help from each other to overcome issues, hold each other accountable for our actions, thoughts, and attitudes.

Start your Mondays on a positive, encouraging lift.

Momentum Accelerated

You Can Only Go So Far When You Do All the Thinking

  • A common school of thought is that personal success is personal–that you must gain that growth on your own
  • You may have followed that thinking. You’ve gone a great distance on your own, now you can move beyond your limits
  • You’ve read the books, attended the seminars, and pushed yourself to greater growth
  • You’ve done what you’ve seen others do

Now’s the time to put some teeth into your personal development momentum!

You can do this. We’ll all help you.

“I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot; together we can do great things.” Mother Teresa

You can do this. We’ll all help you.

I Can’t Wait to Share This Mastermind Experience with You!

  • This isn’t just any mastermind group–it will be led by a John C. Maxwell-certified facilitator who has led groups for many years

Facilitator-led Mastermind Groups Exceed Expectations

Here are some comments from previous participants:

  • I was leery when I joined my first mastermind group
  • This group included a sales professional, an author, a success coach, and an entertainment hypnotist
  • Though it wasn’t facilitator-led, what an experience we had!
  • However, I’ve found that facilitator-led groups produce the best results
  • These groups have more direction, stay more focused, and are much more effective in producing the growth desired

“It marks a big step in your development when you come to realize that other people can help you do a better job that you could do alone.” Andrew Carnegie

Get to Know Like-minded Achievers

  • All of my previous participants have become great friends
  • We all still keep up with each other
  • We care about each person’s success
  • We continue to pass referrals among the group members

Put Some Teeth into Your Personal Development Momentum

  • Change the whole direction of your career and life
  • Build the skills you need to create long-term momentum

“Some of my best thinking has been done by others.” Ken Blanchard

Here Are Some Details

  • We will meet for 50 minutes ever-other Monday morning at 7 a.m. Central
  • We’ll help one another reach past our challenges
  • We’ll provide encouragement, ideas, and share our own experiences
  • We’ll review our previous commitments, and make new ones

I Used to Think That True Success Comes from Within

  • I tried that, but found that my own experience and ideas will only take me so far
  • The energy and ideas of the group has added to my success and made me a better person

“If you are going to be successful, you need to give up the phrase, ‘I can’t’ and all of its cousins.” Jack Canfield

You May Think You Don’t Have the Time

  • My experience has shown me the value of setting aside a designated time for personal growth
  • This weekly 50 minutes is so concentrated with power and growth that it can replace three hours of solo growth study

You May Think You Can’t Afford It

  • I used to join and host free groups, but found that people tend to drop out after a few sessions, because they had made no investment
  • Having a paid, certified facilitator makes the experience richer and more meaningful

“An important concept that successful people understand is that you are never stuck.” Jack Canfield


How Do I Get Started?

  • Every other Monday morning from 7 a.m. to 7:50 a.m.
  • At $99 for three months, you’re investing only $24.75 per session
  • You can renew at the same price each quarter
  • The price will not go up for current participants (but the price will go up for new participants as we progress)

E-mail  to reserve your spot.

Are you ready to put some teeth into your personal growth?

“Some people spend their whole lives waiting for the perfect time to do something.” Jack Canfield


David DeFord
Certified Member of the  John Maxwell Team

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Accelerated Momentum Project Mastermind Group

Accelerated Momentum Mastermind Group

Most of us suffer from yo-yo goaling. Our diet charts look like an EKG. Stopping smoking—same chart. Breaking an old habit or starting a new one—same chart. Exercise—same.

Why do we lose momentum? How can we make steady, consistent progress?

A ball moving along a grooved track will continue rolling, but will lose velocity due to friction. Eventually, it will just stop. Unless…

As the ball rolls along, the ball can overcome the friction if new energy is applied, you manually bump it forward, or you tilt the track so the energy from gravity pulls it forward.

As you strive to make progress on your journey, consistently applying new energy to your effort will help you overcome the friction of waning enthusiasm.

That’s where a good mastermind group can help—providing regular energy, encouragement, and fresh ideas, to keep you moving toward your desired ends.

Please join us on our Accelerated Momentum Mastermind Group.

Here’s how it will work:
  1. We will begin weekly phone sessions on March 5, but you can register for participation at any time.
  2. The calls will begin at 7 a.m. Central Time
  3. During our weekly, hour-long call, each of us will discuss our triumphs and challenges—enjoying the encouragement and ideas from the group.
  4. During the week, team members may collaborate on ideas and issues.
  5. This is a perpetual mastermind group—you can join us for as long as you wish–one quarter of a year or you can continue with us for years.

What Does It Cost? $99 per quarter

E-mail David DeFord to express your interest and for further information about the group.
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Andy Stanley Leadership Podcast – AMP Newsletter Issue 1

Once a week I will send you a recommendation of a podcast, video, book, or article that I think would be helpful to you.

Today I want to recommend the Andy Stanley Leadership Podcast. Once a month, Andy reviews a specific leadership principle that applies to your career or church leadership.

He comes from an evangelical point of view, but even if you aren’t an evangelical (I’m not) you will pick up some great tips that will help you maintain your leadership momentum.

Just search on “Andy Stanley Leadership Podcast” in Apple podcast or any other podcast providers.



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Let’s Make 2018 Our AMP’ed Year

I hope you’ll join me in a new project.

This is our year!

In 2018 you and I will build our momentum from now until the end of the year. We’re going to do it this time.

When you join this group you will receive daily inspiration, the opportunity to share and request help from other, like-minded strivers. You will have access to regular blog and newsletter updates, videos, book suggestions, and live events–all designed to help you stay motivated to reach your 2018 aims.

Let’s do this.

You can join us two ways:

Text us:






Click this button:

Enroll Online

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New Mastermind Group Starting – 19 June 2017

Hi, this is David DeFord.

Most people grow their competence, confidence, and credibility over decades. They learn and grow through making and correcting mistakes. They call this learning process, “Hard Knocks.”

The most effective producers accelerate their growth by expanding their learning circles by:

  1. Studying leadership and personal development books and audios
  2. Consulting with a coach or mentor
  3. Applying the energy of a group of growth-minded people

Why not combine all three with our Guided Mastermind Group?

By joining us you will:

  1. Learn from the world’s best-known leadership expert, John C. Maxwell
  2. Enjoy specific, tailored coaching from David DeFord, a leading trainer, coach, and author
  3. Collaborate and network with other growing leaders

Here’s how it will work:

  1. We will begin weekly phone sessions on June 19.
  2. The calls will begin at 7 a.m. Central Time
  3. Each team member will study two chapters of the bestselling book, No Limits by John Maxwell.
  4. During our weekly, hour-long call, David will spend the first few minutes introducing the content, then the team will discuss how they can apply the principles.
  5. At the call’s conclusion, we’ll each send the group an e-mail commitment for the week.
  6. During the week, team members may collaborate on ideas and issues.
  7. We’ll work together for ten weeks.

What Does It Cost?
$149 if paid in May;
$298 if paid in June

You can buy the book on Amazon at No Limits

To register go to


Here are a few recent comments written by some of those with whom David has worked:

“Great way to get more out of the book with different views of the meanings.” Doug D.
“Being accountable to your peers helps accomplish your goals. Great motivational stories in the book too.” Jane N.
“I have enjoyed the Mastermind because I know other leaders have their own interpretation of the weekly reading and their own way to apply it. The facilitator brings everyone in to share with the group. Thanks David DeFord” Matt R.


Toledo, OH
The best leadership course I’ve taken in 41 years.

Toledo, OH
Excellent communication of the topic. Easy to understand, related to my situation, wonderful presenter.

Fort Wayne
David’s style is amazing!

Ann Arbor, MI
David was great and went the extra mile to be personable and genuine. He was soooo awesome and informative.

Edmonton, Alberta
David made for a very good two days of easy, fun, and interesting learning. Lisa

Des Moines, Iowa
I expected dull and drab. I was “Wow’ed” with the information. It was wonderful! Loni

What is in the book, No Limits?


We often treat the word capacity as if it were a natural law of limitation. Unfortunately, most of us are much more comfortable defining what we perceive as off limits rather than what’s really possible. Could it be that many of us have failed to expand our potential because we have allowed what we perceive as capacity to define us? What if our limits are not really our limits?
In his newest book, John Maxwell identifies 17 core capacities. Some of these are abilities we all already possess, such as energy, creativity and leadership. Others are aspects of our lives controlled by our choices, like our attitudes, character, and intentionality. Maxwell examines each of these capacities, and provides clear and actionable advice on how you can increase your potential in each. He will guide you on how to identify, grow, and apply your critical capacities.


Money Back Guarantee
If after two mastermind sessions you don’t feel it’s for you, I’ll refund your registration fee.

Let’s Do This
If you are an emerging leader and want a jump start, or if you have led for a while and want to step it up and grow your competence, confidence, and credibility, Let’s Do This.

What Does It Cost?
$149 if paid in May;
$298 if paid in June

You can buy the book on Amazon at No Limits

To register go to



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Revisit Our Unusual Story

Due to increased requests because of an interview I did with Kurt Francom at LeadingLDS, I’m providing the link to our memoir. In it Kathy and I tell our unusual love story and how we were fortunate to forge new lives together.

Our Story


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Most people blame; winners take responsibility


When faced with something you wish were better; look first at yourself.


Winners ask themselves, “Am I contributing to the problem?”
“Am I creating the problem?”
“What can I do to make it better?”

Many years ago, as I walked the trail around the lake near my home, I noticed the disgusting litter left by the other walkers. Tissues, water bottles, juice boxes, and other discarded packaging lined each side of the trail. What are people thinking?


I wondered to myself why the staff didn’t clean up this mess. Why isn’t someone doing something about this?


“They” should do a better job!
People shouldn’t be such pigs!


Then it dawned on me, that I was acting like most people. I felt ashamed that I was blaming others. Why don’t I do something about it?


I purchased a dowel rod, drove a nail into one end, sharpened the nail, and started picking up the trash as I walked.


I found that I enjoyed my walks more, because my exercising continued with the added benefit of making the trail more attractive for the other hikers.


I walked more, because I felt they needed my help.


I’m not patting myself on my back. You do such things too. But this illustrates the the points.


When faced with something you wish were better; look first at yourself.


Most people blame; winners take responsibility.
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What We Look for We See


I enjoy an unusual collection. I collect pictures I have taken of circles in squares.
The symbol of the circle in a square has ancient origins dating back about two thousand years. The symbolism is special to me. If you’re curious about the symbolism, e-mail me.


Once I began seeking instances of the circle in the square, I seem to see them everywhere.
I see them on building facades, in art work, on the corners of door sills and bookcases, in carpets and ceiling tiles.
It’s amazing to me how often I see them.


What we seek, we find.
Do you focus on the aspects of your work that you love, or do you look for those  about which you can complain? What you look for you see.



Where do you focus?
You determine how much you dig your work by where you focus.


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Intentional Living Mastermind Groups


Join like-minded achievers for ten weekly phone sessions to help you maintain your push for significance.

We all have longings to be significant. We want to make meaningful contributions, to part of something noble and purposeful.

Beginning the week of February 15, David DeFord will host ten weekly calls in which participants discuss the concepts highlighted in John Maxwell’s bestselling book, Intentional Living. We will also work together on applying the material to our own personal growth areas. We will also participate together in John Maxwell’s 30-day challenge (a $40 value).

Significance Enhanced

These highly interactive, supporting groups will help you stretch yourself into the significance you’ve struggled to achieve previously.

You can do this. We’ll all help you.

As an added bonus, David will provide you with two free one-on-one coaching sessions.

You can select the phone group that best fits your schedule:

Monday mornings from 7 a.m. to 8 a.m. Central Time starting February 15 or
Tuesday evenings from 7 p.m to 8 p.m. Central Time starting February 16.


  1. Your Life Can Be a Great Story
  2. Why Good Intentions Aren’t Enough
  3. Start Small but Believe Big
  4. Search Until You Find Your Why
  5. Put Other People First
  6. Add Value to Others from Your Sweet Spot
  7. Connect with Like-Minded People
  8. Partner with Like-Valued People
  9. Live with a Sense of Anticipation
  10. Be Urgent about Seizing Significance

Why Participate in a Mastermind Group?

  • Learn from each other
  • Gain accountability
  • Soak in the strength of others
  • Gain new ideas
  • Network with like-minded people
  • Discover new ways to enjoy significance

Comments from Previous Participants

Recent Mastermind Participant:
I encourage everyone to attend any class David teaches.
David is an amazing coach & teacher, he asked what are your goals. Up until that day I was helping everyone else reach their own goals and as for my goals I had none, I didn’t even know who I was let alone have a goal.
Now I am excited to continue using the tools and strategies I have learned.
David has shared from the book, techniques he has successfully used with others, and his own experience, this class has changed my life.  I owe who I am becoming to David & this class.
I intend on being a student in David’s upcoming classes.

Fort Wayne, IN
David’s style is amazing!

Fort Collins, CO

Loved David’s attitude. He’s very upbeat, great sense of humor, and he knows his stuff!

St. Joseph, MO
Smart, welcoming, interactive, and thorough.

Garden City, KS
I expected to gain knowledge and tools to help myself, but I did not expect to learn so much. I loved it!

Bloomington, MN
Exceeded my expectations. David is very energetic, personable, and educational. Excellent leader.

Grand Rapids, MI

Really enjoyed David’s demeanor and teaching style.


Mondays 7 a.m. Central $149

Tuesdays 7 p.m Central $149

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Now That’s a Leader – The Jerry Garcia Method



Jerry Garcia did not think of himself as a leader. He did not like making decisions. He over-used consensus in directing the Grateful Dead. But he led his group to become the top-grossing concert band for decades. His legacy continues to grow even twenty years after his death.

How was he able to get this small collection of rebels and druggies to excel? Bob Weir, the rhythm guitarist who stood by Garcia’s side on the stage for twenty-five years recently gave us his insight in an interview with Dan Rather.

When Rather asked how demanding Garcia was as a bandmate, Weir said, “He knew about what I was good for and just was happy with that. He knew how to get stuff out of me. He very, very rarely had me play anything specific. He kept me to my own devices and I tried to delight him as best I could.”

Now That’s a Leader.

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