I Couldn’t Believe It

Since I fly nearly every week, I get to witness people at their best and at their worst. Sometimes I’m blown away by what I see and hear.

A few weeks ago, I was pleased to hear the captain announce that we were arriving in Minneapolis ten minutes early. He went on to say that the gate was open and that we’ll begin deboarding immediately.

Before I could say something my seat neighbor said, “Good Lord, now I have to spend extra time at the airport!”

I couldn’t believe that he felt distressed because we arrived early. Imagine his life.

In another experience, I sat in an aisle seat next to a lady who was vigorously scrubbing the window.

You know how those airplane windows tend to have that sticky stuff on them? She wanted her window clean! She asked the attendant for some alcohol wipes so she could  clean them, and proceeded to spend fifteen minutes trying to clean that window.

After giving up on that project she began working on the air valve above her head. It wasn’t blowing enough air. She asked the attendant for help and expressed her displeasure that it couldn’t be adjusted further.

She ordered water, and in taking her first sip pronounced her judgment, “This is okay.” She seemed surprised.

I become fascinated when people feel compelled to find problems and annoyances.

On the other hand, I’ve also seen people offering to trade seats so a family could all sit together. I’ve seen people buy food and drinks for military passengers. I’ve seen passengers help parents entertain tired and unruly children.

Let’s all look for the good things people do.

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