I believe in prayer. I have practiced it for most of my life. In prayer there is great power. As we sincerely voice our desires to our Heavenly Father, we receive power beyond our own abilities.

Through prayer, we can discover the best approaches to our goals. We can also receive strength and resolve not natural to ourselves.

I do not, however, suggest you recite some prayer you heard as a child, nor do I suggest you repeat the Lord’s Prayer. Instead, I suggest you pour out your heart in earnest seeking. Tell God what you want and why you want it. Explain who is counting on you, and the plan you have developed.

Then listen.

I mean really listen. Listen to your feelings and thoughts. Our Heavenly Father will plant into your thoughts and feelings suggested modifications to your plan, and a new resolve to follow them.

He knows you better than you do. He knows the bear traps you are apt to step into. He knows where your strengths lie. And He will help you.

I speak from experience, and know that this is true.

Excerpted from Ordinary People Can Achieve the Extraordinary by David DeFord


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