Hotel Showers and Life

Goal achievement, by its very nature, takes you out of your routine.

To achieve the higher results you desire you must change your ways and move into unfamiliar territory. You try new approaches and when you don’t get the desired results you adjust and try again.

Because I spend considerable time away from home, I often use unfamiliar hotel room showers. At home I know exactly where I need to set the knobs to get the shower temperature I want. But on the road I cannot get the results I want if I adjust the knobs exactly like I would at home.

I take a guess and turn the knobs to an initial position. If, when I test the water with my hand I find it too hot, I don’t give up in disgust and wash at the sink—I adjust the knobs and try again.

I continue testing and adjusting, testing and adjusting until I get the water to the right temperature. I have yet to stay in a hotel room where I wasn’t able to get the water to the temperature I want.

When you strive to achieve your goals and leave your familiar ways, you will rarely hit your targets on your first tries. When you fail to achieve your goals on the first try, you must not give up in disgust and decide the goal was flawed. You must test and adjust, test and adjust until you reach your dreams.

Keep at it.

Don’t adjust your dreams, adjust your approach.

With persistence and continual tweaking you will get your life to a setting you love.


Progress always involves risk; you can’t steal second base and keep your foot on first. Frederick Wilcox


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