Trees Have Friends

An unusual storm hit Omaha, Nebraska mid-October 1997. We awoke to six inches of heavy, wet snow. Of course snow in Omaha is not rare, but receiving it that early brought devastation.

The trees still carried their leaves, providing more surface to which the sticky wet stuff could cling. The weight of heavy snow strained the trees beyond their strength, and 80% of the trees in the city received damage. Thousands fell altogether, while tens of thousands suffered severe damage.

The fallen trees disrupted the electrical power, clogged the streets, and damaged countless homes.

As I participated in the massive volunteer clean-up effort, I noticed something that has deeply changed me: those trees who stood alone fell, while those who stood in clusters survived.

Under the heavy burden of the wet snow, their limbs rested on the trunks of their neighbors. The support saved them.

This observation, along with others, has led me to understand the value of supportive relationships. We become stronger and better able to meet life’s challenge when we have support from good friends and family members.

Find people who will add to your strength when you need support. The combined strength of a group serves each member.

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