Put Yourself Out There

At the time of choice between acting in harmony with your goal or acting in a way counter to it, how do you improve your performance?

I suggest you consider putting yourself out there. Apply the influence of your friendships, peer pressure, to help you progress.

In January 2010 I sent written invitations to more than 200 people in my network. I invited them to attend a party I was giving a year later in January of 2011. The party was to celebrate my successful loss of fifty pounds.

Of course, I hadn’t actually lost the weight yet, but I told them that I would step on a scale that was projected on a screen, and that I would weigh 195 pounds. I asked them to attend and to please RSVP.

I received several responses including, “That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. I’ll be there!”

I hoped that the peer pressure would help me make better choices when tempted to eat fast food or other unhealthy food.

Throughout that year my network friends asked me consistently about my progress. They noticed my progress and complimented me often. The support lifted and encouraged me.

Every time I had to make a food choice, I thought of my upcoming party. It spurred me to make better choices (most of the time).

About twenty people attended my party on January 11, 2011. We enjoyed healthy snacks, and visited about our success or lack thereof on our goals for the year.

I spoke to the group about the year’s journey, and about the importance of finding our own individual methods to overcome our bad habits.

At the end I projected my scale results — 198 pounds! Just three pounds short of my goal.

That was okay for me. I later lost the last three.

I put myself out there, risking failure and ridicule, for the accomplishment of this important goal.

So how can you put yourself out there?

Here are some possibilities:

  1. Get a goal friend agreement with one or more friends.
  2. Set up a reporting arrangement where you can share your progress daily or weekly.
  3. Create a simple blog and invite friends to view it regularly.
  4. Work with a coach (business coach, life coach, or goal coach) to develop a good plan.

If you have used an unusual approach to nailing your goals, please share them with me. I’d love to share it with others.

Put yourself out there.

If you want to participate in our Goal Friends Challenge, go to http://www.facebook.com/groups/iGoalFriends/

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