The Ain’t It Awful Club

In his excellent book, The Success Principles(TM): How to Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be, Jack Canfield describes discovering what he calls the “Ain’t It Awful Club.” In his first week as a high school history teacher, he found the club meeting in the teachers’ lounge.

He found that his fellow teachers complained about their students, the parents, classroom sizes, The pay, the administration, the text books, curriculum, the custodians, the lunch ladies, and each other. He chose to rest and hang out elsewhere.

Ain’t It Awful Clubs can be found anywhere. Almost every workplace has one. So do clubs, churches, and Facebook. The members stay in a constant state of complaint. No solutions emerge–just judgment and negativity.

Though these groups are very hard to avoid, doing so is critical if you want to do something with your life. Don’t let other peoples’ misery keep you miserable. Rise above it. Be your own person.

You can easily turn a conversation to a new topic.

During the lunch break at a single adults conference where I led breakout sessions, nine women sat at my table. They started discussing their ex-husbands. Do you think that was a positive conversation?

I looked around for a vacancy at nearby tables. None. So I decided to try to steer the conversation. I asked a simple question, “What have you learned so far at the conference?”

Immediately the energy of the group changed. They excitedly discussed their learning nuggets. I watched these women turn from downtrodden and ill-treated to hopeful and enthused. I didn’t have to say another word.

As we disbursed to our next session, I heard one of them say to the other, “Wasn’t that fun?” I doubt if she would have said that if they had continued speaking about their deadbeat husbands.

I urge you to surround yourself with supportive, encouraging, and proactive people.

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