Limits We Place on Ourselves

Limits We Place on Ourselves

Author, speaker, and trainer Zig Ziglar uses a powerful analogy to explain how we tend to settle for less than we want.

He tells how easily fleas may be trained. The lab technician places a number of fleas in a container, and covers it with a lid. Fleas jump, so when they first jump in the container, they collide with the lid. In a short time, the fleas make shorter jumps to avoid the pain of impact. In less than a day, the lab tech can remove the lid and the fleas continue making their short jumps. With no lid, they remain confined to the container. They have settled for less than they could do.

The fleas probably spend their social time complaining about their confinement. They don’t seem to understand that they could escape if they chose.

We act like fleas. We let our bosses put constraints on us, and we adjust our expectations. We don’t like it and we complain, but we don’t take action. We choose to settle for dissatisfaction, when we could take steps toward better job love.

Pinpoint your constraints, and choose to free yourself. Visualize the lid being removed, and jumping to freedom.

Rather than griping about your condition–do something.

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