The Best Diet (actually non-diet) Book I’ve Read

Trust me, I’ve read most of the diet books out there. I lose. I gain. Sometimes the cycle takes years. Other times, I gain it all back in mere months. I get excited for a month, then I start focusing on the prohibited foods. Sound familiar? Reading Intuitive Eating by Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch caused me to see why I have not maintained my desired weight. Here are some points that I realized:

  1. I have a strong food police–I judge myself and my food choices. I have absolutist thinking. All or nothing, black or white. I beat myself up and criticize myself when I consume “contraband”.
  2. I have diet rebel characteristics–if it’s forbidden, I want it. Contraband foods dog my thoughts. Everywhere I turn I see prohibited food. And I want it–bad. Knowing I can’t have it presses on my mind.
  3. I use food for comfort when I feel lonely, bored, sad, stressed.
  4. I start or continue eating whether I’m hungry or not.
  5. I always finish my plate, eating past fullness. I don’t know for sure I’ll eat again when I get hungry, so I eat extra.
  6. I am a distracted eater. I read, work crossword puzzles, or work while eating. I sometimes finish and don’t even remember eating.

Sound familiar? Intuitive Eating helped me make the commitment to:

  1. Only eat when I’m hungry.
  2. Ask “What do I really want?” Listen to what my body tells me I want and need.
  3. Realize that no food is prohibited. I can eat anything I really want.
  4. My plate: half vegetables and fruit, 1/3 grains or starches, 1/6 protein.
  5. Pause midway in meal and ask if I’m feeling satisfied.
  6. Do nothing else when I eat.
  7. Stop before I finish when I can.
  8. Savor the taste, aroma, look, and texture of the food.
  9. List my favorite foods of each day.

My new food mantra is “Eat what I love. Not too much. Mostly plants.” Get it and join me this year for a good food and good health. Intuitive Eating on Amazon

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