TV News

Another in my “Dig Your Work” series.

For years I’ve read of thought leaders who recommend we turn off the television news. That always concerned me. I want to stay informed about the issues of the day.

But the more I have observed I see that the principle of avoiding the television news has merit.

1. Every news outlet has a point of view. They try to mask it, but it’s there.
2. They need to report on the most salacious stories in order to attract viewers.
3. Then they sensationalize the stories to keep you coming back.
4. Television news is presented serially, meaning you have to watch stories of the lowest order before you get to hear about your interests.

When you get your news from the Internet you can get multiple points of view. You can also jump right to the stories that interest you and skip the latest celebrity scandal.

Think of your media experience as a meal. Do you want to take in junk food laden with empty calories and fat or would you rather take in a balanced meal that contributes to your health and leaves you feeling energized?

You pick.

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