You get what you expect

You get what you expect.

Have you noticed how some people seem to have all the luck? They persuade people to do what they want. They get all the breaks.

They even win stuff. Some people win door prizes and other drawings very much beyond the laws of probability. I’m one of those.

I’ve won computers, luggage, gift bags, cash, and a car. At an association conference, attended by 12,000 member, in San Diego I won the big prize–a $500 American Express gift card. The next year I attended their meeting in Orlando. Even more members attended. I won it again. Twos years in a row, 24,000 people, and I won the largest prize both times.

As a kid I won a few prizes–a garbage disposal and two helicopter trips with Santa.

Because I won as a kid, I started to expect to win.

So what does winning door prizes have to do with digging your work?

If you worry about what might happen, or if you focus on those bad things, you increase the likelihood of them happening. I don’t understand the physics of this principle, but I’ve seen it in action many times.

Expect your boss to do make decisions in your favor. Expect cooperation from your coworkers. Expect negotiations to go your way.

You truly get what you expect.

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