Study Leadership

A few months into my work as a young computer operator, my boss Roger, added to my responsibility. He assigned me to supervise the eight data entry operators.

I was so excited to have my first leadership role. That excitement lasted a few seconds. As soon as Roger announced my new appointment, the operators started lining up outside my little office. They complained about each other. They shared with me very intimate details about their personal lives.

I had no idea this stuff went on at work. Stressed me out!

After a couple of weeks, Roger asked to see me. He said that everyone was worried about me. He told me I looked ill. Actually, I was. I felt sick to my stomach with stress.

Roger advised me to study leadership. He said I could learn away most of that stress by learning to handle the stresses of leadership.

He told me, “Study leadership the rest of your life. It will help you in your career, at home, and in your volunteering.”

He set me in the course to better success.

You can learn from those who lead you, but if you limit your understanding of leadership to those who lead you, you’re limiting the scope of your possibilities–learn from the world’s best.

Develop a passion for improvement.

Read books, listen to audiobooks, attend conferences. Do whatever you need to do to improve.

So who pays for this? Who gets the most benefit? The answer to both questions is the same–you do. You own your career.

You will do better work, enjoy it more, and suffer less stress


Here is one book you may want to study,

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