What’s More Important?


Hi, this is David DeFord.

What’s More Important?

Too often we put our tasks above our people.

Do you find yourself continuing to work when a team member enters your work area? Do you glance up occasionally hoping to scare them away with your scowl?

What’s really more important?

A year from now the importance of that task will probably pale compared to your relationship with that team member.

Choose leading over doing.


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Why work with David?
David has groomed leaders for more than 40 years. As a leader, trainer, author, speaker, and coach, David has worked with leaders in all 50 states and in several provinces of Canada.

He is a new member of the John Maxwell Team with the full backing of an incredible organization. He is also a certified Fred Pryor Seminar trainer.

David has a deep passion for helping.

Here are a few recent comments written by some of those with whom David has worked:

Toledo, OH
The best leadership course I’ve taken in 41 years.

Toledo, OH
Excellent communication of the topic. Easy to understand, related to my situation, wonderful presenter.

Fort Wayne
David’s style is amazing!

Ann Arbor, MI
David was great and went the extra mile to be personable and genuine. He was soooo awesome and informative.

Edmonton, Alberta
David made for a very good two days of easy, fun, and interesting learning. Lisa

Des Moines, Iowa
I expected dull and drab. I was “Wow’ed” with the information. It was wonderful! Loni



David DeFord


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