Now That’s a Leader – The Jerry Garcia Method



Jerry Garcia did not think of himself as a leader. He did not like making decisions. He over-used consensus in directing the Grateful Dead. But he led his group to become the top-grossing concert band for decades. His legacy continues to grow even twenty years after his death.

How was he able to get this small collection of rebels and druggies to excel? Bob Weir, the rhythm guitarist who stood by Garcia’s side on the stage for twenty-five years recently gave us his insight in an interview with Dan Rather.

When Rather asked how demanding Garcia was as a bandmate, Weir said, “He knew about what I was good for and just was happy with that. He knew how to get stuff out of me. He very, very rarely had me play anything specific. He kept me to my own devices and I tried to delight him as best I could.”

Now That’s a Leader.

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