Accelerated Momentum Project Mastermind Group

Accelerated Momentum Mastermind Group

Most of us suffer from yo-yo goaling. Our diet charts look like an EKG. Stopping smoking—same chart. Breaking an old habit or starting a new one—same chart. Exercise—same.

Why do we lose momentum? How can we make steady, consistent progress?

A ball moving along a grooved track will continue rolling, but will lose velocity due to friction. Eventually, it will just stop. Unless…

As the ball rolls along, the ball can overcome the friction if new energy is applied, you manually bump it forward, or you tilt the track so the energy from gravity pulls it forward.

As you strive to make progress on your journey, consistently applying new energy to your effort will help you overcome the friction of waning enthusiasm.

That’s where a good mastermind group can help—providing regular energy, encouragement, and fresh ideas, to keep you moving toward your desired ends.

Please join us on our Accelerated Momentum Mastermind Group.

Here’s how it will work:
  1. We will begin weekly phone sessions on March 5, but you can register for participation at any time.
  2. The calls will begin at 7 a.m. Central Time
  3. During our weekly, hour-long call, each of us will discuss our triumphs and challenges—enjoying the encouragement and ideas from the group.
  4. During the week, team members may collaborate on ideas and issues.
  5. This is a perpetual mastermind group—you can join us for as long as you wish–one quarter of a year or you can continue with us for years.

What Does It Cost? $99 per quarter

E-mail David DeFord to express your interest and for further information about the group.
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