Audience Comments

Toledo, OH
The best leadership course I’ve taken in 41 years.

Toledo, OH
Excellent communication of the topic. Easy to understand, related to my situation, wonderful presenter.

Fort Wayne
David’s style is amazing!

Ann Arbor, MI
David was great and went the extra mile to be personable and genuine. He was soooo awesome and informative.

Edmonton, Alberta
David made for a very good two days of easy, fun, and interesting learning. Lisa

Des Moines, Iowa
I expected dull and drab. I was “Wow’ed” with the information. It was wonderful! Loni

Omaha, Nebraska
Had great tips! I’m excited to share with employees things I learned. Very informative and enjoyable. Jennifer

Enjoyed it! The best seminar I have ever attended. I needed this. Angie

David did a great job! I learned wonderful tools to help give better customer service. David was wonderful. Very informative and entertaining. Time flew by very quickly. Melissa

Had a great day!! It was fun and informative. Lisa

I’ve been to many customer service classes, but this has been the most enjoyable, with key points on how to make me a better customer service representative. Ronald

I’ve been in customer service 20+ years and came away with some valuable, workable tools. I enjoyed the day very much. Time flew by. Linda

6/16/2011 Grand Rapids

David does a wonderful job connecting with his students and inviting them to share their experiences. Very engaging.

This seminar was a wonderful experience. I could relate to the information and will use many of the techniques taught. The presenter was realistic and shared many experiences of his own.

5/21/2011 Grand Junction

David is an exceptional speaker and teacher. It was a pleasure.

5/18/2011 Ft. Collins

David is a fine, appealing speaker–possessed of good humor, enthusiasm, manifest experience in his topic. I enjoyed this seminar perhaps more than any other I’ve attended.

Loved David’s attitude. He’s very upbeat, great sense of humor, and he knows his stuff! I enjoy working outside the workbook too. I can go home and read what’s written in it.

2/11/2011 St. Joseph, MO

Smart, welcoming, interactive, and thorough. Jacy

2/7/2011 Garden City, KS

I came here expecting to gain knowledge and tools to help myself in the workplace and my personal life. I did not expect to learn so much. I loved it. The speaker did a fantastic job. He has boosted my motivation to get a start or finish some things I’ve wanted to do. Julie

The seminar surpassed my expectations. I was able to re-evaluate my current situation and make a life-changing decision. Absolutely wonderful! Whitney

1/28/2011 Bismarck, ND

Interesting and inspiring – great presentation.

Wish I’d taken this two decades ago!! Great speaker, great seminar. Greg

1/27/2011 Fargo, ND

This was one of the best seminars I’ve ever attended. Aaron

11/10/2010 Grand Junction, CO

Best presenter I’ve ever seen. Carla

11/9/2010 Colorado Springs, CO

I think this is the best presenter I’ve enjoyed learning from. Katrina

11/5/2010 Bloomington, MN

Loved David!! Loved his comedy and upbeat attitude!! Shelley

David DeFord was great. One of the best seminar leaders I have encountered. Spence

11/3/2010 Eau Claire, WI

Very good speaker. Wish I would have had this seminar years ago. Kathleen

Attended Supervisor Leadership Series years ago. It was 14 full days. I learned more from yours in six hours than those days.

David is an awesome trainer. He gets people involved. We laugh a lot, but also learn a lot. Donna

Great, great class! Clayton

10/22/10 Springfield, MO

Fantastic seminar! Related to the audience and was interactive. Beth

David genuinely cares for people and it shows. Kevin

David DeFord is awesome! I’d love to come to another of his seminars. Kathy

The best I’ve been to. Joffrey

10/8/10 Troy

This seminar exceeded my expectations. I feel energized to be a better leader/supervisor. So many fresh ideas! Sherri

David DeFord was dynamic and interesting. He made the topic come alive.

10/7/10 Ann Arbor

I loved the instructor. He made it fun. He was engaging, energetic, and funny!

David has excellent background and was able to use examples from his past. Made me feel very comfortable asking questions. Susan

Great speaker, entertaining and knowledgeable. Karen

David DeFord was informative, personable, funny, direct, and gave great life experience stories. Sabrina

Speaker was not too loud or crazy—just right. It was comfortable. Kelly

10/6/10 Grand Rapids

Great! David DeFord was educational, entertaining, and experienced.

9/15/10 Omaha

This seminar was outstanding!

The instructor made the class very lively and enjoyable. Fantastic instructor!

9/13/10 Grand Island, NE

The seminar leader made the information we learned fun & a really enjoyable day. Carol

Mr. DeFord was a great presenter. Appreciated the question and answer sessions that allowed us to give examples and provide input. Gaylene

I really enjoyed the seminar. You make great light on a subject that can be really boring (grammar). You also kept my attention all day, which is really hard to do. Thank you. I wouldn’t change anything. Jennifer

David was very exciting and comfortable as a presenter. This can be a boring subject but he makes you want to learn and listen. Jody

David kept my attention—a miracle. All my grammar and punctuation questions were answered. Wendy

8/27/10 Springfield, MO

David has a great personality for sharing info and leading discussions. He obviously enjoys what he does, and enjoys the students, making for a pleasant day. Tom

I was very impressed with the level of interaction provided. I definitely got what I had expected from the session.

Leader was very easy to listen to. Able to get participants to share. Good seminar. Vaunda

8/26/10 Columbia, MO

David was an exceptional instructor keeping me and others in tune with the knowledge and purpose of our leadership. Teri

8/25/10 St. Charles, MO

I came in today with no prior knowledge because I fell into a management position. Because of David I feel like I finally have some knowledge I can use and a plan to put into action. Thank you for a very productive, informative day. Rebecca

Great seminar! David was great and very knowledgeable! I would definitely attend a class taught by him again. Monica

8/20/10 Omaha

I was very surprised at how personable the leader was. He was very engaging. His stories were great—very interesting, some funny, but all relatable to the material. It’s not something I learned and will forget tomorrow—I’ll always remember it. Melissa

David has great stories he applies to lessons—makes it very enjoyable. Pam

Very well spoken and liked the leader very much. Allan

David was outstanding! I am very lucky to have had him as an instructor. Deborah

8/18 Des Moines

The best seminar I have ever attended due to the content, presentation, and group involvement. Tom

David was very professional and sincere when presenting the seminar, and an excellent listener. Very enthusiastic in what he teaches. Penny

Mr. DeFord is very impressive and I will use his training to better myself at work and at home. Paula

I really enjoy David. I’ve been to several seminars with him as speaker. He keeps on track, adds humor, and makes me want to take more of the ones he leads. Joan

8/11/10 Sioux Falls

David was open and friendly—a terrific facilitator. Donna

Seminar leader is one of the most interesting people I have ever hear speak. Thank you! Brittany

David was very knowledgeable and explained things so everyone could understand. I’m taking some good ideas back to work with me. Renee


This seminar was perfect. Tabiola, Glenwood Springs, CO

David was excellent. I would suggest to anyone in a supervisor position to attend his seminar. Lindsay, Glenwood Springs, CO

I have attended dozens seminars like this for many years, but this one was by far the best I’ve ever attended. Mary, Glenwood Springs, CO


Very friendly and captivating speaker. Cimmy, Grand Junction, CO

The seminar was very easy to follow. Lots of information given in a fun, positive environment. Thank you! Grand Junction, CO

One of the best. Thank you! Pat, Grand Junction, CO

David was fun and enjoyable to listen to. Made the day go by too quickly. David gave good information. Edward, Grand Junction, CO


David was a wonderful instructor—very personable and pleasant. Jennie, Chicago, IL

The seminar leader was excellent! If I could, I would take every class that David taught. Heather, Chicago, IL

The seminar leader – David DeFord – was very knowledgable and kept the interest of learning interesting. I would like to take other seminars he teaches. Chicago, IL


As I felt the seminar content would be good for me, I did not expect to enjoy it as much as I did! David is a great speaker! Lori, Madison, WI

Great speaker! Michelle, Madison, WI

Leader was very engaging. I had planned to leave right after lunch, however I decided to come back. David kept me engaged! Kelly, Madison, WI


Well delivered. Made a somewhat boring topic very interesting. Thank you. Appleton, WI

5/17/10 Ann Arbor, MI

Great seminar. Mr. DeFord is an interesting teacher. Very nice man – used humor well.

Content great, leader unmatched.

Best seminar yet!

5/18/10 Grand Rapids, MI

Excellent seminar, wonderful instructor. Michele

Really enjoyed David’s demeanor and teaching style. Janet

5/19/10 Troy, MI

The seminar was useful and enjoyable. David is a great instructor. Max

Great seminar leader! Dan

Great seminar, excellent leader – easy to understand, well organized and kept my attention. Kristina

David is an excellent presenter. I would like to see him again for another class. Reda

David was wonderful. I’m glad I came to the seminar. He was very professional and interacted well with everyone. Jennifer

David is an outstanding leader and I will look for future seminars that he is instructing. Rob

David was a very good speaker and kept all of us very involved in what he was teaching. Christopher

5/25/2010 St. Cloud, MN

Very well presented—allowed a lot of group work and personal interaction. Molly

Leader was great, down to earth. Materials were right on. Dave

I thought David did an excellent job leading this seminar. He used his life experiences as well as the attendees’ experiences to get points across. I really enjoyed it. Great job!! Tim

5/26/10 Bloomington, MN

Exceeded expectations. David is very energetic, personable, and educational. Excellent leader. Leslie

6/2/2010 Green Bay, WI

David is a top-notch presenter! Sally

6/3/2010 Wausau, WI

The seminar was informative and fun! I would recommend it to peers and authority figures. Tracy

Warm, personable presenter! Aaron

Very interactive, not dry or boring. Good examples of implementing ideas.

7/16/10 Cedar Rapids

It was enjoyable and beneficial. I truly gained valuable knowledge and a repertoire of tools to use in future situations. Keara

David was great! Time flew by! Janie

Well-paced, good illustrations, great sense of humor to keep the group interested and involved. Heidi

Boss made me come, but I enjoyed it and was able to get several ideas. Suzette

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