Hippie Serendipity

Hippie Serendipity

Follow the true and remarkable story of two young hippies, thousands of miles apart, seeking the peace, love and freedom promised by the counterculture of the Sixties.

In this double memoir, learn of their struggles with psychedelic drugs like LSD, their disappointments, their failures, and even discover a three-hundred-pound Jesus imposter.

Follow their separate hitchhiking journeys around the country as they suffer cold, hunger, and the loneliness of the road.

Learn about life on a hippie commune. Discover the incredible serendipity of their first encounter with each other, their deepening love as they hitchhike to the West Coast, across the Plains and the Midwest, and to New England.

Yearn with them as they actively pursue spiritual enlightenment–studying, fasting, and meeting with spiritual people of all stripes all across the United States. Explore with them their investigation of non-denominational, Assembly of God, Seventh-Day Adventists, Christian Science, and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons).

Experience their deepening commitment to each other, and to Jesus Christ. Then see them finally experience true love, true peace, and true freedom.

You’ll be amazed, inspired, encouraged, and deeply moved.

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I Wish to Be Useful

I Wish to Be Useful

Everyone wants to be useful. We feel happier when we make useful contributions to our employers, to our customers, to our team members, to our families, and to our communities.

When we fix our sights on our repetitive tasks and lose sight of our overriding mission, we suffer and so does the quality and passion of our work.

Learn how three young men in the slums of Newark made a pact with each other to rise above their desperate challenges and practice medicine.

Inspire yourself as you read how a Dallas pathologist, at the very point of death, determined to see his family again.

Read about the determination of a fourteen-year-old expectant mother who presses past failure after failure to live her dream as a nurse.

Learn how to:

  • Develop a sense of mission
  • Find your higher purpose
  • Believe in yourself
  • Develop the characteristics of greatness
  • Live a more active and purposeful life
  • Learn what one person can do
  • Know how to make a difference in the world
  • Expand your freedom
  • Convert hard times into the good life

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Where Seldom Is Heard a Discouraging Word

Where Seldom Is Heard a Discouraging Word

Everyone needs encouragement. As small children our parents encouraged us to take our first steps. They smiled and held out their arms to us in invitation. If we fell, our parents stood us back up and encouraged us to try again. “You can do it,” they cheered.

We continued to benefit from the encouragement of parents and teachers as we entered school, participated in athletics, studied difficult subjects, and chose college programs. The teachers who encouraged us the most became our favorites. We thrived in their classes.

The need for positive reinforcement does not end when one receives a diploma. The need never lessens.

You can make a lasting impact for good in the lives of those around you by cheering them on. The greatest help you can give to people in the midst of challenge is to help them realize that they can triumph. Instruction helps, but encouragement lifts.

When you add pressure or express doubt about their abilities, you leave them with feelings of discouragement and futility. Discouraging words weaken, and they can make tough times more difficult. Very few can succeed in the absence of encouragement.

People love to be in the company of encouraging people. Positive energy attracts people. When we show confidence in others they feel more confident and are more likely to press forward. Most people need the encouragement of others when facing opposition.

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